Alcohol Inks Mini Pack #1( 9 inks+1 metallic) 10mls


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Product Type: Alcohol Ink


Meet our new Alcohol Ink Mini Pack 1! Our minis are 10 ml leak-proof bottles with micro dip nozzle to have a controlled amount of ink flow out. These are the safest possible alcohol inks that are non-carcinogenic, uses plant based binders, and are ketone based making them non-irritating.


This is a thoughtfully curated kit of 9 colors and one metallic ink. All the colors are curated in a way that that they blend with each very well and give beautiful new shades as results!


The colors in our mini pack 1 are –
◉ Silver
◉ Strawberry
◉ Violet
◉ Butterscotch
◉ Sky
◉ Lavender
◉ Crimson
◉ Pine
◉ Denim
◉ Jet Black

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