Alcohol Ink (Keto Version) – Individual Color (Select the Color)



Alcohol inks are liquid pigments that are made from a blend of alcohol and dye. They are highly saturated and fast-drying, which makes them ideal for creating vibrant and bold patterns on a variety of surfaces. These inks come in a range of colors, including metallic shades, and can be mixed to create new shades.

Alcohol inks can be used on any non-porous surface, such as glass, metal, ceramic, and plastic. They work particularly well on YUPO paper, which is a synthetic paper that is resistant to bleeding and smudging.

To clean up after using alcohol inks, you can use a blending solution or a clean-up solution. The blending solution can be used to dilute the inks, reduce their intensity, or increase their fluidity and work time.

There are many creative ways to use alcohol inks, including creating abstract art, upcycling planters, and decorating ceramics. You can find inspiration for projects and learn more about the possibilities of alcohol inks by following the Beyond Inks Instagram page or reaching out to the company via email.

It’s important to protect your alcohol ink artwork by sealing it with a spray varnish, mod podge, or resin. This will help to preserve the colors and prevent them from fading over time.

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