White Charcoal Pencils Signature 3pc


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Create stunning drawings or add subtle highlights to your work with this set of white charcoal pencils.

With a wooden barrel and smooth application, these white charcoal pencils make it easier than ever to draw, sketch and shade on dark tinted paper.

Note: Do not sharpen charcoal pencils with a sharpener. We’d recommend using a sharp hobby knife (under adult supervision). Sharpen away from yourself slowly and at a slight angle for best results.

  • Includes 3 white charcoal pencils
  • Use alone or add highlights to black charcoal sketches
  • Great for drawing on dark or tinted paper
  • Smooth application in a clean and controlled pencil form
  • 8mm wooden pencil barrel

Use with:

  • Mont Marte Black Paper Visual Diaries
  • Mont Marte Charcoal & Graphite Products

Handy hint:

  • Charcoal pencils are fragile and require special care. Sharpen with a hobby knife (not a conventional sharpener). Be safe and always sharpen away from yourself and under adult supervision
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