Teal Marble Ink


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  • “Marble anything and everything in minutes using our marbling inks! These inks come in 15 different colors and a clear solution for creating negative spaces. These are easy to use water marbling inks.
  • Drop the inks on the surface of a container filled with water.
  • Create a pattern by swirling the surface with a toothpick or a popsicle stick.
  • Dip the surface or object in the water.
  • Clean the top of the water surface for any residual ink and pull out the object/surface.
  • Let the marbled surface/object dry for 15-30 minutes.
  • Marble multitude of surfaces such as synthetic papers, acrylics, metals, tin, ceramic, plastics, water color paper, canvas etc.
  • Each bottle comes with 15ml of ink. Store it in a place with out direct exposure to sunlight.”

Size: 15ml

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