Premium Soy Wax Granules with 100% Hydrogenated Soybean Oil for candle making

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Premium Soy Wax Granules with 100% Hydrogenated Soybean Oil

Soy wax is a popular natural alternative to traditional candle waxes, such as paraffin wax. It is made from soybean oil, which is a renewable resource and widely available.

One of the key benefits of soy wax is its clean burn. Soy wax candles produce minimal soot and smoke, making them a healthier choice for indoor use. This clean burn also reduces the amount of residue left on surfaces and makes the candles easier to clean.

Melting Point: 55 – 58 C

Recommended for Silicon Mould Candles

Furthermore, soy wax is easy to clean up. In case of spills or drips, soy wax can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water, without leaving a greasy residue.

Overall, soy wax offers a clean burn, excellent fragrance throw, sustainability, and easy cleanup. Whether you prioritize the health benefits, environmental considerations, or simply enjoy the cozy ambiance they create, soy wax candles are a popular choice for those seeking a natural and eco-friendly candle option.


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