Pourezy Thick Pour -6kg Resin Kit


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Product Type: Thick Pour Resin
Contents: Resin 4Kg +2Kg Hardener
Mis Ratio: 2:1 by weight (Resin:Hardener)


◉ Ultimate glass even at high pigment dosage
◉ Supreme self leveling properties
◉ Food contact safe
◉ Excellent bubble release mechanism
◉ Best in class UV Absorbers to prevent yellowing


Technical details:
Pot Life: 45 Minutes
Touch Dry: 12 hours
Overcoat time: 24 hours
Cure to handle: 48 hours
Full internal cure: 7 days


Important Notes
1. Should Mixed by weight only, if volume than end product will not have expected hardness and desired Results
2. Pourezy Resin is Self-levelling and bubble Free and recommended room Temperature 25-28 C
3. Recommended to use with Resin Pigments, Mica Powder & Alcohol Inks.
4. Use sanding equipment after a week

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