NARA Stickers 12”x 18”


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Sticker Paper for Alcohol Ink Painting | Synthetic Paper


Product Type: NARA Stickers
Pack Size: 10 Sheets


◉ Sticker Paper for Alcohol Ink Painting
◉ Peel the back and stick it on any surface – Wooden, Acrylic, Plastic, etc.
◉ Can be customized according to the need of the artist
◉ 10 sheets in a pack


NARA Stickers are sticker sheets for alcohol ink painting. The back of the sheets can be peeled, which exposes the gumming side and it can be stuck on any surface you’d like – Wooden, Plastic, Acrylic, etc.
No more hassle in applying the gum separately and messing it all up! Work clean and neat with the NARA Sticker Paper.
NARA Sticker paper size can be customized according to you, as per your requirements. It is available in shapes like circles, squares and rectangles.


Please feel free to get in touch with us at for any customizations or help!

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