Universal-Easy Cell-20gm


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Product Type: Resin Pigments
Pack Size: 20g


Our pigments from Pourfect are great for beginners and trusted by professionals.
Easy Cell Universal converts your regular pigment paste into a lacing pigment.


How to use:
➊ Mix resin and hardener, then add regular pigment paste to it. Then add a drop or 2 drop of Pourfect Easy Cell Universal to it and mix.
➋ Pour immediately, without waiting.
➌ Move the poured layer using swipe, blow torch or any other technique.

Make sure that the surface is completely level. For best results use with Pourfect Fast Cure.


◉ Easy to mix
◉ Stability and long shelf life
◉ High Concentration
◉ High-temperature resistance & UV stability
◉ Non-toxic

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