NARA SYNTHETIC PAPER for Alcohol Ink PAINTING 12”x 12”-430 Microns


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Product Type: NARA Papers
Microns: 430 Microns
Pack Sizes: 10 Sheets


Nara Classic White –
◉ White synthetic paper for alcohol ink art
◉ Non-Staining alcohol ink paper
◉ Available in rounds, circles, hexagons, squares, and rectangles
◉ Can be customized in your desired shape and size up to 60


The NARA Classic white is our flagship product. It is a white synthetic paper which is considered as the best paper alcohol ink.
The NARA Classic white is non-staining in nature, which means the ink can be wiped off the paper and you can begin working on your artwork once again.
This is a globally accepted and loved variant of NARA Papers. The NARA Classic white is available in a plethora of shapes and sizes ranging between
You can also buy synthetic paper in pre-cut shapes like round, hexagon, square, and rectangles. NARA white is an exceptional alternative to Yupo paper which lacks a lot of great qualities that NARA has.


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