Ginkgo Leaf Plate Silicone Mold

From AED22.00


Our silicone molds are made with quality durable silicone, highly flexible, durable and reusable.
Do not touch the inside of the mold. It can be easily scratched by fingernails which can’t be reversed and it’s difficult to remove fingerprints


Any tape that’s not super sticky can be used to clean lint and dust off your molds. Or you can wash with warm water and soap. DO NOT scrub your molds with sharp object.


DO NOT use a torch very close to the mold to pop bubbles in resin. Prolonged periods using a torch can adhere the resin to the silicone causing it to tear when pieces are removed. Try to use a heat gun on low setting or you can spray rubbing alcohol on the resin to pop bubbles.


Taking good care of your molds can make them last a long time. Once the inside of molds change the colour or loses its shape and the shine will start to disappear, it means its time to change your mold.

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