Color shifting pigments Green-Golden-Lavender-Magenta-5gm


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Product Type: Resin Pigments
Pack Size: 5g


Our pigments from Pourfect are great for beginners and trusted by professionals.
Finest grade Color shifting pigments from Pourfect! Simply brush them on to any surface you want to POURFECT. Pour Pourfect Resin for that astonishing finish. When used in a mould, pigment the resin with a darker opaque Color, preferably black to bring out the best of these pigments. When used on a flat surface, maintain a dark background. You can cover a large surface with a tiny amount.


◉ Easy to mix
◉ Stability and long shelf life
◉ High Concentration
◉ High-temperature resistance &UV stability
◉ Non-toxic
◉ Suitable with Pourfect Art Resins


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