Beyond MIX – 700 Grams


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Eco-friendly Water based Resin & Jesmonite Alternative


Beyond MIX is a unique two-part composite compound to make decorative castings such as coasters, trays, plates, planters, etc. It is a water-based acrylic resin that is solvent-free has no VOCs. It is a fire-resistant, non-toxic, strong, eco-friendly product that is very versatile in use.


Beyond MIX can be tinted with our Beyond MIX tints colors for best results. With beyond MIX you can create cool pieces with different techniques such as marbling, terrazzo, Color blocks, and many more.


Beyond MIX comes in two separate containers – base powder and mixing liquid. Mix the 2.5 parts of powder into the 1 parts of liquid as per the mentioned ratio and let it set in the mould of your choice. MIX cures in 45 mins to 2 hours based on the room temperature to touch and unmould and 24-48 hours to completely attain its final strength. You can use any silicone mould to pour the MIX into.


◉ Always store in a closet/cupboard or in a dark place away from exposure to sunlight.
◉ This Beyond MIX comes 500 Grams Base powder and 200 Grams Liquid
◉ Each coaster provided in the kit can take up to 40gm of liquid & 100 Gm powder

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